Brands that are an example for Green Marketing

Businesses play a big roll when it comes to doing good for the planet. And there are quite a lot of companies that have implemented an environmental focus within their company values and production processes. But it is still challenging for them to grow awareness among consumers.

  • How do they get a consumer to looking beyond finding a cheaper product in the same category?

  • How can you let consumers look for products that last longer and put less pressure on the environment?

  • How can your sustainably manufactured product become the preferred option over wasteful mass production?

Doing Green Marketing the right way is difficult. But there are quite some companies that got it exactly right. Let's have a closer look at a few of those companies.


An extremely popular outdoor clothing brand that is focusing heavily on their environmental & social responsibility as a company. Green marketing is their only marketing strategy.

Patagonia - Green Marketing example

Source: Patagonia

They’re also a major supporter of the Go Green movement – so much so that their mission statement is. We’re in business to save our home planet.

Patagonia pledged that they will do everything to reduce the impact on the environment as a company and they pledged to do everything to lengthen the life of the products you buy. They will fix your broken zipper of find a way to repair your torn jacket.

But there is more to that story, they also involve the consumer. They are like "If we commit, then you must also commit to our cause."

So if they say they will repair your jacket, then it's your responsibility to keep it away from the landfill and let them repair it. If it can't be repaired it's the same story, do not throw it away, they will recycle it for you.

It's great to see a brand that involves their consumers this much in their own values.

Patgonia - Green Marketing Strategy

The lesson to be learned here is that it’s possible to challenge your customers to do the same effort as your company is putting into being environmentally friendly.


The Swedish furniture brand has created their own sustainable strategy called "A sustainable everyday".

IKEA’s core belief as a company is that consumers shouldn’t have to make a choice between stylish designs, affordable prices, and sustainability when purchasing their products.

Ikea Sustainability - Green Marketing

The company uses its online content to encourage customers to live a more environmentally conscious lifestyle.

And they lead by example with eco-friendly practices that include having solar panels in 90 percent of their buildings in the United States and cutting down on waste delivered to landfills.

IKEA has reaped many marketing rewards with their green efforts by embracing their underlying purpose in everything they do.

As they demonstrate, if you’re going to use purpose-driven e-commerce content to your advantage as a brand, it’s important to clearly show how you are actually embracing your purpose.


The iconic chocolate brand (know for the key ingredient you need to make S'mores) has repurposed its brand image to include green marketing as a key ingredient. The company has made embracing environmentally-friendly practices a main priority.

Hershey social responsibiliy - Green Marketing example

Ranked as one of the top ten environmentally conscious companies in the United States, Hershey has done more than just follow environmental trends.

The company has set some standards for the industry and it is great to see that other similar brands are following their example.

Hershey took it to the next level by re-purposing corporate products for their charity efforts.

They’ve also used their blog to share news of new innovations that could impact the planet, such as a recent story about product packaging that’s actually edible.

How to get started with Green Marketing?

If you’re just getting started with your green marketing efforts, focus your attention on your most visible online content. This includes your website, social media pages, and blog.

Social media, in particular, can be an effective platform for getting the word out about your green endeavors because it allows you to get more interactive with your audience.

But you’ll need more than just smart eco-focused campaigns to connect with consumers who prefer to do business with environmentally aware brands.

You’ll also need to form an emotional connection with your audience by making your green efforts part of your brand’s overall narrative with consistent messaging throughout your content.

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