What is Green Marketing?

Green Marketing can also be called environmental marketing or eco-marketing. Consumers recognize Green and Sustainable companies by terms like "eco-friendly", "organic", "recyclable", "sustainable", or "environmental friendly".

Green marketing refers to selling products and/or services by highlighting their environmental benefits.

In recent years the concept of green marketing gained more popularity because of the clear impact of climate change. Companies and brands want to show that they are doing their very best to do something that has a positive impact on the environment.

I focus on Green Marketing because there is a strong increase of consumers that search for Green and Sustainable alternatives to conventional products. Diverse studies suggest that nearly 90% of all consumers in developing countries are keen to buy ethical and fair products and services.

But there seems to be a blind spot: many consumers still choose conventional products over green, ethical, sustainable new products or services that are better in many ways.

That's why I researched and developed the marketing practices that work best for Green and Sustainable companies.

Green marketing for products and brands- Timothy De Ridder - Green marketing for sustainable companies

The concept of green marketing:

Changing the mission and values of a company/brand/product from revenue-driven to environmentally conscious by implementing business processes that have the least possible impact on the environment.

What are the goals of green marketing?

  • Implementing and demonstrating a sustainable business approach

  • Implementing and demonstrating social responsibilities (towards employees and customers)

  • Cost saving by going green (Less packaging, transport optimization, energy/water usage savings, etc.)

  • Demonstrating how mindful you approach your products and/or services

So in order to start with a green marketing approach, companies launch eco-friendly products or create the corresponding environment around them by using eco-friendly packaging, make products recyclable and reusable, use green energy for product production, design products from recycled materials to reduce waste, choose local selling to reduce transportation energy, and more.

As a part of green marketing, brands also often participate in recycling programs, become more scrupulous about waste disposal practices, donate to different green movements in order to give something back (planting trees as a compensation). They also educate their customers about what they do to protect the environment and why it matters to them.

Sustainable product marketing - Timothy De Ridder - Green marketing for sustainable companies

So you already are going the extra mile with your company, brand or products. But how do you integrate green marketing into your marketing strategy?

you can do the following:

  • Communicate your green message through advertising (Search advertising, Social Media, Youtube...)

  • Promote green aspects of your company through content assets at all points of customer contact (your website, blog, social media, mobile marketing, coupons, e-mail footer, re-targeting, sales rep in store...)

  • Initiate market research and visualize the results to educate consumers

  • Recommend green improvements to your audience

  • Partner with like-minded businesses for cross-promotion

  • Support Eco-friendly programs and corresponding community initiatives

Contact me for more info on Green marketing that would fit your brand, products and company vision.