Move over Google - Ecosia is the new default search engine

Ecosia is a search engine. So just like Google it gives you a results page for whatever you are looking for online.

So why am I using Ecosia instead of another search engine? The answer is very simple:

You plant trees while you search the web

For every few searches they collected enough money to plant another tree. That's right, just by searching for things, which you do on a daily basis, you can give Ecosia the possibility to plant trees. You can call it Green Search if you want.

Give Ecosia a try and as soon as you are using it you need to keep an eye on the tree counter on the top right of your screen to see how many trees you can plant in a few short online search sessions. Happy searching!

Ok, is this legit?


Ecosia makes their money in the same way that Google’s search engine makes money, through search engine ads.

So this means if you search as example for local services on Ecosia and click on one of the advertised services, 80% of the amount that the advertiser pays for that ad will go to planting trees, pretty cool huh??

A small change for you = huge impact on the planet.

If you look at the numbers you can say that with each Ecosia search you would remove roughly 1 kg of CO2 from the air. So, searching with them helps to make carbon removal part of your daily routine! It's shocking to know that Google could absorb 15% of all emissions worldwide if it would adopt the same business model.

If you would need to read more reasons to start using something else than Google, you should read their 50 reasons to use Ecosia blog post. It's mind blowing.

Let me know if you have questions about how to use Ecosia for your company. Or if you want to advertise through Ecosia. Happy to help!